Recipe: Sea Moss Gel

32 (1 TBSP) Servings | 16oz Yield

20 mins Prep Time | 6 hours Total Time


1 oz / Sea Moss (Bulk Dried)

1 whole / Lemon or Lime

24 oz / Spring water or Reverse Osmosis water



1) Rinse sea moss thoroughly with cool/lukewarm water to remove salt, sand & debris.

2) Soak with lemon or lime for 8 hours or overnight.

3) Strain the soaked sea moss. 

4) Blend an equal amount of fresh water to the soaked sea moss in a blender on high until smooth gel-like texture. Add water as needed.


For best results, store in fridge in airtight glass container for 2-3 weeks.


Always use a clean spoon to serve.


Suggested Daily Serving Size: 1-2 TBSP Gel


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