Sea Moss FAQ

How long does sea moss last?
You can leave the dried sea moss in the bag and in a cool dark place like your cupboard and will last over a year! The gel, once made, will stay fresh for about 2-3 weeks in the refrigerator. 
How is full spectrum sea moss different?
The full spectrum sea moss and the regular sea moss are actually the same sea moss, the main difference is the full spectrum is dried in the shade and takes a longer more skillful process.

The full spectrum has a stronger taste and smell and also has some more nutrients in the color. If you are new to sea moss the regular sea moss is great. If you want to try something new or want to go right for the most potent then the full spectrum is for you!

Why does my sea moss have salt on it?

All our sea moss is all naturally processed and we do not add any salt! That is natural salt that comes with the sea moss.

Our full spectrum is really potent! The full spectrum will smell stronger, be more salty and hold more moisture as it is dried in the shade and the salt collects on the sea moss instead of evaporating.


How do I make sea moss gel?

1.) CLEAN/SOAK: Rinse a handful of sea moss well and put in a container with enough water to cover it and soak for at least 4-6 hours or overnight. You can also add a squeeze of lime/lemon juice while soaking to neutralize sea moss taste and preserve the gel.

2.) DRAIN/BLEND: Remove sea moss from water then place in blender with just enough water to cover the sea moss and blend until it makes a smooth gel like texture. Blend on high. (Note: add water as necessary. The full spectrum could need more water). 

 3) STORE: Your sea moss is now ready to be used in your smoothies, tea, desserts and even face masks! Store refrigerated in a clean glass jar for up to 2 weeks. Always use a clean spoon to maintain freshness.

Suggested daily serving: 1-2 tablespoons


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